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[Bug-gnupod] gnupod trying to install something in /etc/perl/GNUpod/

From: Justin Gedge
Subject: [Bug-gnupod] gnupod trying to install something in /etc/perl/GNUpod/
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2008 02:14:23 -0500

Adrian Ulrich

first off- thanks for writing cool cli interface for the ipod.  looks like exactly what I need.

only problem is that ubuntu seems to have an older version in their repositories and I just bought a new ipod nano.  I've screwed up systems in the past by installing things in with the base OS- so I try to tuck all my compiled and personal add on packages in a /usr1 tree.  Tried that with the gnupod and I get the following complaint from make

-> use 'make install' to install GNUpod
-> use 'info GNUpod' to read the documentation after you installed GNUpod
-> use 'make uninstall' to remove GNUpod from /usr1/apps/gnupod/gnupod-0.99.6.d
/bin/bash ./mkinstalldirs /usr1/apps/gnupod/gnupod-0.99.6.d/bin
/bin/bash ./mkinstalldirs /usr1/apps/gnupod/gnupod-0.99.6.d/share/man/man1
/usr/bin/perl tools/gnupod_install.pl INSTALL "/usr/bin/perl" "/usr1/apps/gnupod/gnupod-0.99.6.d/bin" "/usr1/apps/gnupod/gnupod-0.99.6.d/share/info" "/usr1/apps/gnupod/gnupod-0.99.6.d/share/man" ""
_recmkdir(//etc/perl/GNUpod): Failed to create //etc/perl/GNUpod/: Permission denied
Installing GNUpod 0.99.6 using gnupod_install 0.25
 > src/gnupod_addsong.pl --> //usr1/apps/gnupod/gnupod-0.99.6.d/bin/gnupod_addsong.pl
 > src/gnupod_check.pl --> //usr1/apps/gnupod/gnupod-0.99.6.d/bin/gnupod_check.pl
 > src/gnupod_convert_APE.pl --> //usr1/apps/gnupod/gnupod-0.99.6.d/bin/gnupod_convert_APE.pl
 > src/gnupod_convert_FLAC.pl --> //usr1/apps/gnupod/gnupod-0.99.6.d/bin/gnupod_convert_FLAC.pl
 > src/gnupod_convert_MIDI.pl --> //usr1/apps/gnupod/gnupod-0.99.6.d/bin/gnupod_convert_MIDI.pl
 > src/gnupod_convert_OGG.pl --> //usr1/apps/gnupod/gnupod-0.99.6.d/bin/gnupod_convert_OGG.pl
 > src/gnupod_convert_RIFF.pl --> //usr1/apps/gnupod/gnupod-0.99.6.d/bin/gnupod_convert_RIFF.pl
 > src/gnupod_INIT.pl --> //usr1/apps/gnupod/gnupod-0.99.6.d/bin/gnupod_INIT.pl
 > src/gnupod_otgsync.pl --> //usr1/apps/gnupod/gnupod-0.99.6.d/bin/gnupod_otgsync.pl
 > src/gnupod_search.pl --> //usr1/apps/gnupod/gnupod-0.99.6.d/bin/gnupod_search.pl
 > src/mktunes.pl --> //usr1/apps/gnupod/gnupod-0.99.6.d/bin/mktunes.pl
 > src/tunes2pod.pl --> //usr1/apps/gnupod/gnupod-0.99.6.d/bin/tunes2pod.pl
make: *** [install] Error 13

because it's my  `system` user account instead of root- it's complaining.  It's late enough now that I'll probably look at it in detail on another day. 

any tips on why it needs to create /etc/perl/GNUpod in the /etc/perl directory instead of the --prefix= path and any quick tips on working around this are appreciated



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