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explicit_bzero and -std=c99

From: Simon Josefsson
Subject: explicit_bzero and -std=c99
Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2022 12:27:22 +0100
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Hi.  We got a bug report about a build failure (see below), and I'm

1) Does gnulib support building with gcc -std=c99?  I think we should,
but it could have documented missing functionality or breakage.

2) It seems explicit_bzero.c in gnulib fall backs to using 'asm' for
GCC, which isn't working in non-GNU modes of gcc.  Further wondering:

   1) The reason for having explicit_bzero is read_file, which needs it
   for reading sensitive files, a feature we don't use.  Uncoupling this
   unnecessary dependency would have been nice.

   2) Is there no other way to implement explicit_bzero without 'asm'?
   There is a another fallback code using volatile pointers, but I'm not
   sure it really has the same semantics.

   3) Is there a way to detect if the compiler supports 'asm'?  The
   current test 'defined __GNUC__ && !defined __clang__' is what is
   really failing here.

3) Is the idiom of using separate functions bzero() vs explicit_bzero()
   to avoid security-problematic compiler optimization still a good one?

   1) If yes, I think we should have read_sensitive_file() rather than
   extending read_file() with a flag for this purpose.

   2) If no, what is the better idiom to use here instead of

Other thoughts?


Simon Josefsson via Discussion list for GNU Libtasn1
<help-libtasn1@gnu.org> writes:

> Vincent Fortier <th0ma7@gmail.com> writes:
>> While preparing a gnutls update I ended-up updating libtasn1 from
>> 4.16.  Going to 4.17 works but anything after that fails with:
> Thanks for the report!  I can reproduce this using:
> ./configure ac_cv_func_explicit_bzero=no CPPFLAGS="-std=c99"
> In other words, the problem is due to a combination of a platform
> without explicit_bzero and forcing GCC into C99 mode where it doesn't
> support 'asm', so it is not possible to implement 'explicit_bzero'.  Why
> do you hard code -std=c99?  Try just removing that.  Or use -std=gnu99'
> to allow GCC to use 'asm'.
> Analysing further, the 'explicit_bzero' function is only used by
> 'read_file' in a mode that we never use (for reading sensitive files),
> so it is never needed by libtasn1.  This is not ideal, but I'm not sure
> what a maintainable solution is.
> /Simon

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