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From: Mohammad Akhlaghi
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2020 13:07:13 +0000
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Thank you very much Paul,

I just pulled from Gnulib and built Gnuastro (both the most recent commits at this moment) and shown below. But the problem remained.

Gnulib:   90e79512d8b385801218d6e9c4d88ff77186560b
Gnuastro: c70f16c8f13ccdb8ad606a33a526846180748284

Just for the record, I am using GCC 10.2.0 and Glibc 2.32 and this is the last working Gnulib commit that I have checked:

Gnulib (working): e2739ba6310893be93d01a23cbfed8d8dfb08966 (Nov 11)

Since 'stdio.h' is a pretty basic library in Gnulib, and it is loading everything else properly, it may take some time for me to check (because I have dig into the low-level aspects of Gnulib which I am not too familiar with). Any tips/pointers would be appreciated.

I guess as a start, its easier for me to find the approximate commit that it is introduced in, I'll send you the results when I find it.


On 11/27/20 4:49 AM, Paul Eggert wrote:
On 11/25/20 5:09 AM, Mohammad Akhlaghi wrote:
I just pulled the recent changes from Gnulib's 'master' branch and bootstrapped Gnuastro (which uses Gnulib) on my Arch GNU/Linux operating system.

But I got many warnings related to '_GL_ATTRIBUTE_SPEC_PRINTF_SYSTEM' in 'error.h' and 'argp.h'.

I'm not seeing this with Fedora 33 x86-64 (see attached). I used gnuastro commit c70f16c8f13ccdb8ad606a33a526846180748284 (Wed Nov 25 21:32:37 2020 +0000) and Gnulib commit 90e79512d8b385801218d6e9c4d88ff77186560b (Thu Nov 26 22:13:20 2020 +0100).

I see that Bruno recently fixed some problems in this area in Gnulib, and possibly this is contributing to the problem, whatever it is.

I suggest bootstrapping from scratch with the latest Gnulib, and (if that doesn't work) investigating why bootstrapped/lib/stdio.h's definition of _GL_ATTRIBUTE_SPEC_PRINTF_SYSTEM isn't working for you.

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