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Re: Failed test "test-fopen-gnu" on Solaris 10

From: Dagobert Michelsen
Subject: Re: Failed test "test-fopen-gnu" on Solaris 10
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2020 21:07:31 +0100

Hi Bruno,

Am 16.11.2020 um 16:31 schrieb Bruno Haible <bruno@clisp.org>:
>> I am currently trying to build gettext 0.21 on Solaris 10 and encountered a 
>> failed test
>> in gnulib:
>> FAIL: test-fopen-gnu
>> ====================
>> test-fopen-gnu.c:59: assertion 'f' failed
>> FAIL test-fopen-gnu (exit status: 134)
>> Essentially this is failing:
>>  /* Create the file and check the 'e' mode.  */
>>  f = fopen (BASE "file", "we");
>>  ASSERT (f);
> Most likely, you are encountering a bug that was fixed in gnulib on 
> 2020-07-28,
> a day after gettext 0.21 was released.
> Can you try the newest gettext snapshot?
> https://gitlab.com/gnu-gettext/ci-distcheck/-/jobs/artifacts/master/raw/gettext-snapshot.tar?job=check-optimized

Sure. This fixes the reported issue, thanks for the hint!

I now have one other issue, but that is gettext-specific and I will start a new
thread there.

Best regards

  — Dago

"You don't become great by trying to be great, you become great by wanting to 
do something,
and then doing it so hard that you become great in the process." - xkcd #896

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