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Re: -Wmissing-prototypes triggers in uninorm/decompose-internal.c

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: -Wmissing-prototypes triggers in uninorm/decompose-internal.c
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2020 20:33:09 +0100
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Tim Rühsen wrote:
> There seems to be a prototype missing in uninorm/decompose-internal.h:
> uninorm/decompose-internal.c:26:27: warning: no previous prototype for
> 'gl_uninorm_decompose_merge_sort_fromto' [-Wmissing-prototypes]
>    26 | #define merge_sort_fromto gl_uninorm_decompose_merge_sort_fromto
>       |                           ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> uninorm/decompose-internal.c:26:27: note: in definition of macro
> 'merge_sort_fromto'
>    26 | #define merge_sort_fromto gl_uninorm_decompose_merge_sort_fromto

Thanks for the report. Fixed as follows:

2020-02-19  Bruno Haible  <address@hidden>

        uninorm/decompose-internal: Avoid "no previous prototype" warning.
        Reported by Tim Rühsen <address@hidden> in
        * lib/array-mergesort.h: Accept an optional macro definition
        * lib/uninorm/decompose-internal.c (STATIC_FROMTO): New macro.

diff --git a/lib/array-mergesort.h b/lib/array-mergesort.h
index 3d363bb..bf86d64 100644
--- a/lib/array-mergesort.h
+++ b/lib/array-mergesort.h
@@ -29,6 +29,8 @@
                   respectively, less, equal, or greater than the element
                   pointed to by the second argument.
      STATIC       The storage class of the functions being defined.
+     STATIC_FROMTO  (Optional.) Overrides STATIC for the 'merge_sort_fromto'
+                    function.
    Before including this file, you also need to include:
      #include <stddef.h>
@@ -87,7 +89,12 @@ merge (const ELEMENT *src1, size_t n1,
 /* Sort src[0..n-1] into dst[0..n-1], using tmp[0..n/2-1] as temporary
    (scratch) storage.
    The arrays src, dst, tmp must not overlap.  */
-STATIC void
 merge_sort_fromto (const ELEMENT *src, ELEMENT *dst, size_t n, ELEMENT *tmp)
   switch (n)
diff --git a/lib/uninorm/decompose-internal.c b/lib/uninorm/decompose-internal.c
index 62a7046..e2c20e9 100644
--- a/lib/uninorm/decompose-internal.c
+++ b/lib/uninorm/decompose-internal.c
@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@
 #define ELEMENT struct ucs4_with_ccc
 #define COMPARE(a,b) ((a)->ccc - (b)->ccc)
 #define STATIC
+#define STATIC_FROMTO static
 #define merge_sort_fromto gl_uninorm_decompose_merge_sort_fromto
 #define merge_sort_inplace gl_uninorm_decompose_merge_sort_inplace
 #include "array-mergesort.h"

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