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Re: bug#39236: [musl] coreutils cp mishandles error return from lchmod

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: bug#39236: [musl] coreutils cp mishandles error return from lchmod
Date: Sat, 08 Feb 2020 21:31:17 +0100
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Hi Paul,

> similarly for lchmod on non-symlinks.

When I see a new autoconf test that activates an override, in order to
guarantee a certain documented behaviour, I like to add a unit test -
because in the past we several times had an override that would not
have passed the autoconf test either.

So I added a unit test for 'lchown', and found that on HP-UX 11.31 the function
could not be used because it is not declared. Which leads to these patches:

2020-02-08  Bruno Haible  <address@hidden>

        lchmod: Add tests.
        * tests/test-lchmod.c: New file.
        * modules/lchmod-tests: New file.

2020-02-08  Bruno Haible  <address@hidden>

        lchmod: Ensure declaration on HP-UX.
        * lib/sys_stat.in.h (lchown): Declare also on HP-UX.
        * doc/glibc-functions/lchmod.texi: Mention the HP-UX problem.

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