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df --local treats AFS mounts as local

From: Marc Dionne
Subject: df --local treats AFS mounts as local
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2020 15:21:52 -0400

df bases it's local/remote distinction on the "me_remote" flag from
gnulib's lib/mountpoint.

The ME_REMOTE macro has a few special cases that cover some common
network filesystems such as nfs and smb/cifs, but mounts of /afs are
treated as local even though it is a distributed filesystem.

Attached is a proposed patch that adds special cases for the known
filesystem types for the AFS protocol, 'afs' (OpenAFS, Linux kernel
kafs module) and 'auristorfs' (AuriStorFS).

Ideally the remoteness would be determined by querying the filesystem
and without having to hard code special cases.  This would be possible
for instance eventually on Linux if/when the new fsinfo system call
gets merged into the kernel, as filesystems will be able to advertise
a "fs is network filesystem" feature bit.


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