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Re: [PATCH] lib/gettext.h: fix warning if gettext is already present

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: [PATCH] lib/gettext.h: fix warning if gettext is already present
Date: Mon, 03 Feb 2020 02:07:07 +0100
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Giulio Benetti wrote:
> > Ah! Most of the contents of this <libintl.h> is OK. But
> >    - gettext_noop
> >    - gettext_printf
> > don't belong there.
> I see that usually glibc #define gettext_noop() in regex_internal.h that 
> in order #include libintl.h[1] so, the same usage as gnulib does.

The big difference is that libintl.h is a public header file (installed in
/usr/include), whereas regex_internal.h is not.

> > Therefore the right action is that the uClibc people remove their definition
> > of gettext_noop and gettext_printf from this file.
> uClibc-ng embeds gettext-tiny which has that libintl.h flavour where 
> they define gettext_noop() and gettext_printf() [2].

Ah. Then your bug report should go to this 'gettext-tiny' project.

> So I end up with the 
> conclusion that libbytesize has the problem, none of you all(gnulib, 
> uClibc-ng, glibc). Basically the problem is that they define 
> -DENABLE_NLS in any case ...

There is no documentation that discourages or forbids defining ENABLE_NLS
always. Therefore libbytesize is right. Please see the more elaborate
explanation in an earlier mail of this thread.


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