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Re: Compile error with xlclang++ on AIX

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: Compile error with xlclang++ on AIX
Date: Thu, 05 Dec 2019 22:30:48 +0100
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Christian Biesinger wrote:
> Testcase:
> #include "gnulib/config.h"
> #include <wchar.h> // optional
> #include <sstream>
> int main() {
> }

Let me add more C++ tests to gnulib, so that such errors become apparent
when compiling a testdir created with the option 'with-c++-tests'.

2019-12-05  Bruno Haible  <address@hidden>

        Add more C++ tests.

        assert-h: Add C++ tests.
        * tests/test-assert-h-c++.cc: New file.
        * tests/test-assert-h-c++2.cc: New file.
        * modules/assert-h-c++-tests: New file.
        * modules/assert-h-tests: New file.

        ctype: Add C++ tests.
        * tests/test-ctype-c++.cc: New file.
        * tests/test-ctype-c++2.cc: New file.
        * modules/ctype-c++-tests: New file.
        * modules/ctype-tests (Depends-on): Add ctype-c++-tests.

        errno: Add C++ tests.
        * tests/test-errno-c++.cc: New file.
        * tests/test-errno-c++2.cc: New file.
        * modules/errno-c++-tests: New file.
        * modules/errno-tests (Depends-on): Add errno-c++-tests.

        float: Add C++ tests.
        * tests/test-float-c++.cc: New file.
        * tests/test-float-c++2.cc: New file.
        * modules/float-c++-tests: New file.
        * modules/float-tests (Depends-on): Add float-c++-tests.

        inttypes: Add more C++ tests.
        * tests/test-inttypes-c++2.cc: New file.
        * modules/inttypes-c++-tests (Files): Add it.
        (Makefile.am): Compile it.

        limits-h: Add C++ tests.
        * tests/test-limits-h-c++.cc: New file.
        * tests/test-limits-h-c++2.cc: New file.
        * modules/limits-h-c++-tests: New file.
        * modules/limits-h-tests (Depends-on): Add limits-h-c++-tests.

        stdarg: Add C++ tests.
        * tests/test-stdarg-c++.cc: New file.
        * tests/test-stdarg-c++2.cc: New file.
        * modules/stdarg-c++-tests: New file.
        * modules/stdarg-tests: New file.

        stdbool: Add C++ tests.
        * tests/test-stdbool-c++.cc: New file.
        * tests/test-stdbool-c++2.cc: New file.
        * modules/stdbool-c++-tests: New file.
        * modules/stdbool-tests (Depends-on): Add stdbool-c++-tests.

        stddef: Add C++ tests.
        * tests/test-stddef-c++.cc: New file.
        * tests/test-stddef-c++2.cc: New file.
        * modules/stddef-c++-tests: New file.
        * modules/stddef-tests (Depends-on): Add stddef-c++-tests.

        stdint: Add C++ tests.
        * tests/test-stdint-c++.cc: New file.
        * tests/test-stdint-c++2.cc: New file.
        * modules/stdint-c++-tests: New file.
        * modules/stdint-tests (Depends-on): Add stdint-c++-tests.

        wchar: Add more C++ tests.
        * tests/test-wchar-c++2.cc: New file.
        * modules/wchar-c++-tests (Files): Add it.
        (Makefile.am): Compile it.

        wctype-h: Add more C++ tests.
        * tests/test-wctype-h-c++2.cc: New file.
        * modules/wctype-h-c++-tests (Files): Add it.
        (Makefile.am): Compile it.

2019-12-05  Bruno Haible  <address@hidden>

        wchar: Add more C++ tests.
        Reported by Christian Biesinger <address@hidden> in
        * tests/test-wchar-c++3.cc: New file.
        * modules/wchar-c++-tests (Files): Add it.
        (Makefile.am): Compile it.

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