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relicense module 'nanosleep'

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: relicense module 'nanosleep'
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2019 21:57:19 +0200
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Hi Jim, Paul, Eric, Pádraig,

Can we please relicense the 'nanosleep' module under the LGPLv2+ license?
It is currently under LGPLv3+.

Rationale: I would like to contribute a portable ISO C11 <threads.h>
implementation to gnulib, and the obvious implementation of 'thrd_sleep'
is through 'nanosleep'. I would like to license these modules under LGPLv2+,
like the gnulib modules 'thread', 'lock', 'cond', 'tls' already are.

You have made significant contributions to lib/nanosleep.c.


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