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Re: [GnuCOBOL 3.1.2] testsuite: 19 20 21 23 783 796 1033 failed

From: Simon Sobisch
Subject: Re: [GnuCOBOL 3.1.2] testsuite: 19 20 21 23 783 796 1033 failed
Date: Mon, 30 May 2022 07:48:00 +0200
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Hi Jim and welcome to GnuCOBOL.

the attached testsuite.log shows for all failing tests entries like

+dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/local/lib/libcob.4.dylib
+ Referenced from: /Users/jimherod/Downloads/gnucobol-3.1.2/tests/testsuite.dir/0019/./prog
+  Reason: image not found

so it does not use the generated library as it should. This may be related to some MacOS setting, if anyone knows about this please drop a note. It would be useful if you could try to adjust tests/atlocal to see which adjustments of the paths or otherwise - if any - do work.

That said: after `make install` those tests are likely to pass.
Note because your setup does not include any JSON handler: you may consider to either install libcjson on your system or drop the following two files into your "libcob" folder to use a "static" version of cJSON:

But that's just an optional module, still "JSON GENERATE" may be a useful thing in your GnuCOBOL installation.


Am 30.05.2022 um 03:04 schrieb Jim Herod:
Build on MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 with XCode 12.4, on a MacBook Pro mid-2012.

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