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[Bug-GnuCOBOL] FW: ISAM unhappy

From: Graham Robbins
Subject: [Bug-GnuCOBOL] FW: ISAM unhappy
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2018 16:06:01 +0000

- GNU Cobol -

Please could you remove Joe Robbins address@hidden from your distribution list. 

Joe died last year.  

Thank you.

Best Regards

Graham Robbins
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-----Original Message-----
From: Bug-GnuCOBOL [mailto:address@hidden On Behalf Of Ron Norman
Sent: 12 January 2018 15:01
To: James K. Lowden <address@hidden>
Cc: address@hidden
Subject: Re: [Bug-GnuCOBOL] ISAM unhappy

I checked the code and that status 91 and message could happen if GnuCOBOL was 
configured with NO ISAM handler at all.
I do not think it defaults to BDB and you likely have to select that.
It looks like it defaults to NO ISAM handler.

On Thu, Jan 11, 2018 at 7:14 PM, James K. Lowden <address@hidden 
<mailto:address@hidden> > wrote:

        Hi all,
        I'm having trouble testing ISAM support with the default Berkeley DB
                libcob: IX101A.CBL: 399: runtime library is not configured for
                this operation (status = 91) file: 'XXXXX024'
        The compiler was built from the distribution tarball:
        $ sed -ne 4,17p config.log
        It was created by GnuCOBOL configure 2.2, which was
        generated by GNU Autoconf 2.69.  Invocation command line was
          $ ../configure
        ## --------- ##
        ## Platform. ##
        ## --------- ##
        hostname = lts16
        uname -m = x86_64
        uname -r = 4.4.0-98-generic
        uname -s = Linux
        uname -v = #121-Ubuntu SMP Tue Oct 10 14:24:03 UTC 2017
        i have not yet determined where in libcob this message comes from, or
        why the system thinks there's no ISAM support.
        I'm also not sure which libcob produces the message.  I would like to
        think it's the one that was installed when the compiler was installed
        (same sources) but perhaps the test programs are built to use the
        not-yet-installed library in the source tree?


Ron Norman

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