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[open-cobol-list] [OpenCOBOL 0.32] run: 35 59 62 failed

From: Spierts, John
Subject: [open-cobol-list] [OpenCOBOL 0.32] run: 35 59 62 failed
Date: Tue Dec 20 06:06:16 2005


As you can see in the title message I do have some problems with open cobol.
I generated cobc.exe as you described in the INSTALL and README part.
The environment I work in is the latest version of cygwin.
When generating all stuff i wanted to include all external and optional 
libraries in my cygwin installation
The configure script was started with: --with-db to include libdb
When i start make after this the make proces breaks down with an error in file 
So I started configure without above option.
Now the make comes to an end with a message that a file is missing:

gcc: /open-cobol-0.32/libcob/.libs/.libs/libcob.dll.a: No such file or directory

The file is available in directory /open-cobol-0.32/libcob/.libs 
So creating .libs in .libs directory and copying libcob.dll.a to is made the 
make job end correctly. 

Running "make check" after this gave problems in test 32,  59 and 62
Running "make install" installed cobc and i can use it, with reduced 

What information do you need more to help me? 
I cannot use indexed files with cobc because of error 32.

John Spierts
Atos Origin
*  business Eindhoven: +31 [0]40 - 2157437
*  privat:                        +31 [0]45 - 5440642 
*  mobile:                       +31 [0]6 - 30802810 
* <mailto:address@hidden>

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