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[open-cobol-list] About the debug option of cobc (Bug Report)

From: Peg
Subject: [open-cobol-list] About the debug option of cobc (Bug Report)
Date: Sun Nov 27 18:14:00 2005
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Hello All,

When the debug option is used, correct operation seems not to be
 done. Please move nist testsuite adding the debug option to confirm
 the phenomenon. It can be seen in some tests such as NC122A.CBL.

It was confirmed to be able to evade this problem by the following
 corrections though it did not understand whether this correction
 was correct. (OpenCOBOL 0.33 CVS Version)

cobc/codegen.c : 844 (output_param Function)
//            output_stmt (CB_VALUE (l));
                        int sav_stack_id;
                        sav_stack_id = stack_id;
                        output_stmt (CB_VALUE (l));
                        stack_id = sav_stack_id;

Could you confirm it once?

Best Regards,

Shigeyuki Kanbe
Peg, PegStyle mailto:address@hidden

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