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[open-cobol-list] Re: OS X Failures

From: Roger While
Subject: [open-cobol-list] Re: OS X Failures
Date: Mon Jan 17 03:56:20 2005

OK Jason, thanks.
Broadly speaking there are 3 problems.
1)  If you configure WITHOUT "--with-db", then all tests and programs
 that use INDEXED files and/or SORT will fail.
 Generally speaking you should always configure with --with-db.
 You need the Berkeley DB (runtime and development) installed for this.
  (And if you need large file support also --with-lfs64)

2) Incorrect hardcoded compile options in "cobc.c". (eg the -shared and -rdynamic)
   To be correct, we should be using "libtool" in "cobc.c" to
  compile/link but that's complicated.
  I am working on getting the compile/link options generated into config.h
  so that we can pick them up in "cobc.c",
 (See my last CVS checkin), but that is not complete.

3) The mysterious "undefined _main". - Could be caused by the wrong options as above. (Ah yes indeed, if the shared option isn't recognized, it tries to build an executable)

OK. I now know what needs to be done. Stay tuned for further CVS updates.


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