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Re: [open-cobol-list] BUG: "COPY REPLACING ..." and REQUEST for "mini-

From: Thomas Biehler
Subject: Re: [open-cobol-list] BUG: "COPY REPLACING ..." and REQUEST for "mini-listing"
Date: Mon Feb 16 09:55:01 2004
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Hi Keisuke

you have wrote:
> "I want to do it soon, but I am not sure if I can do it immediately
> because there are many other stuff to do.  Even if I can, I am not
> sure if I can finish implementing it soon because this is not a
> trivial task.  I cannot promise that I will implement it in a few
> days, but at least I'm putting it on the top of my TODO list, and
> I'm working on it before other minor requests, such as nested
> subprograms."

Well.  I see!  (I see it nearly always in CVS ... :-) )
What i also would like to see is your OPEN-COBOL TODO list in CVS!

(I the past,  i have asked you about using the tracking system, and 
 i agree with you that it would be adminstration overkill at the current
 project phase!)

But, your TODO list (translated in english, perhaps simplified,
with explicit or implicit priorities (= order is significant !?), in a SIMPLE 
but not stupid format :-)), hold in the CVS repository would give all
OPEN-COBOL users, developers 
(and perhaps the future users, and ALSO  the project members :-) )
a good overview about:

- what feature is already requested or in work ! 
- what bug / defects,  unimplemented features are known or in work
==> at the moment the complete replacement for the tracking system :
      ==> a better overview of the "internal current status" of open-cobol 
- what priorities the open topics have at that moment
  (user can then request a higher priority and explain why they want that!)
- see what your are doing (Great, THANKS!)
- if you gives references, as a example to postings in this mailing list,
  in the "log at cvs commit"  users can easily track the reasons why a 
  a special thing is now as it is!  (cvs log from TODO gives the history!)

I would not matter if the CVS TODO-list  would not always be in a current 
state!  You would need to check in (cvs commit)  only if you think 
there are important changes. (==> should be less administration overhead!)

I hope my arguments are good enough to convince you!

> Just remind me what you want if you want to get it implemented sooner ;)

The "sort table feature" i have requested some time ago, 
is already in the TODO list, yes ?!   
If not,  this is a reminder. ;-)

But i have two other features i wanted to implemented first.
Here is a annoucement:
- VALUES in LINKAGE-Section are comments 
  (in 1985  a  MF Extension ;  in 2002 Standard!)

- "partial Expression" in EVALUATE 
  (in 1985  a  MF Extension ;  in 2002 Standard!)

I will generate three separate feature requests with  "autotest" tests
and references to the Standard / Compiler Language Books 
in the next days.

That's all for today. :-)


P.S.  If a am to fast, or verbose,  keep cool (be patient, like me) ;-)
         - What is about a new release ?  
         Are the some preconditions ?  What is your intention ?
         Normal users could easy use the actual improvements!
         (Or perhaps give open-cobol a first try)
         (IMHO :=  there are enough major features extensions
                        and major bug-fixes since last release!)

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