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upcoming gnubg features + button survey

From: Isaac Keslassy
Subject: upcoming gnubg features + button survey
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2023 03:57:23 +0200
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Hi all,

Sorry for the long email. Its first goal is to let you know about a bunch of upcoming gnubg features that will enable you to streamline your use of gnubg. Its second goal is a survey about toolbar buttons.

- FEATURES: After you play a match on the internet and save it on your computer, you can now click on a single button, and gnubg will (1) automatically open your latest match, (2) automatically swap players and sit you at the bottom of the board, (3) automatically analyze your latest match in the background while you check the analysis results in parallel, (4) let you click on a button to jump to your own mistakes only, without stopping at your opponent's mistakes, (5) automatically add the analysis results to the database at the end of the analysis, as well as (6) let you see a new plot of the evolution of the match winning chances throughout the match (this answers a request on this list).

In addition, (7) gnubg will automatically check is there is a newer gnubg version online.

The new code is on https://github.com/keslassy/new-gnubg-features/
You can download and compile it. It works on Ubuntu and Windows 10. But I am sure it still has some bugs.

If you want to try it on Windows, first make a copy of your current gnubg.exe, then download the following gnubg.exe file and put it instead of your current one in the directory with all the .dll files. It may or may not work. If it works, it may crash at some point. In any case, any feedback is welcome, including suggestions for additional simple features you'd like to see.

(BTW thanks to Philippe Michel and Pierre Zakia for their help!)

- BUTTONS: It would be great to have toolbar buttons for some of the new features. But real estate is limited. Once every 10-20 years, it doesn't hurt to clean up a bit and remove some buttons that are less used. Of course, their functions will remain available in the menu and as shortcuts, so removing a button only adds a mouse click in the worst case. This email is about minimizing the expected number of clicks, not about removing any function.

We want the approval of the community before touching anything. Basically, we want to know on which buttons you click less often. Here are some options, would you mind roughly ranking your preferences in this tradeoff?

* There are 3 buttons that end games: Reject, Resign, and End Game. Maybe can we only keep Reject? or only Reject and Resign? (We could also make a "Drop" function that functions like Reject upon a double and Resign otherwise, but its changing behavior may confuse users.)

* Can we remove Undo? (Ctrl-Z is still available)

* Can we remove "Go to Previous/Next Roll"? "Go to Previous/Next CMarked"? Or do you use them?

* Or would you prefer to keep more/all buttons... but make them half the size? Or add another toolbar on the left side, or a second row at the top? (assuming it's possible)

* Or would you prefer to not touch anything and not add any new buttons?

* We plan to add two basic analysis buttons: "Analyze" (for the current match) and "Analyze File" (as described above; we may have to call it something like "An. File" if we cannot remove more buttons). Any objections? Are there other buttons you'd introduce if there is space? For example, the match "Statistics"? The new "MWC Plot"? "Show Records"? "Options"?


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