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Problem with gnubg

From: address@hidden
Subject: Problem with gnubg
Date: Sun, 5 Feb 2023 21:30:49 GMT

This is not really a bug, but my own ignorance.

I have been running 1.06 for some time, but it no longer works - crashes with a 
segmentation fault when I try to make a move.

I tried to install 1.10, but it fails missing a file xgame.h.

I downloaded and installed 1.07, and it works, but only in the text form.  I 
cannot see how you execute with the graphical interface; please help.

I understand this is a stupid question; I am a senior and learning is more 
difficult.  I can see the option for text interface (-t) but it does that 
anyway - what is the option for graphical interface?

Thanks for you help,
Rohan Bayer-Fox

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