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Re: AW: Development - an outsider’s perspective

From: Carsten Wenderdel
Subject: Re: AW: Development - an outsider’s perspective
Date: Tue, 3 Jan 2023 18:34:05 +0000

Thanks for your answer Øystein!
I agree that converting from cvs to git is a good idea. However, GitHub as the git repo provider may not be the best, and I think that should be discussed. (I do love GitHub, and I use it for all my personal projects, but there are some issues ... )

What I rather suggest is that we take a chat with savannah hackers. There must be other GNU projects that also have the desire to convert from cvs to git.

Yes, let's have a discussion first so we can make an informed decision.

I have taken a quick look at Savannah's git service. If I understand it correctly, it doesn't support the pull/merge request model that GitHub, GitLab or BitBucket do. Instead potential contributors would need write access to the git repository and would push their changes on a new branch there. Maintainers would then manually merge that branch to main. GitHub or GitLab would mean a lower barrier and much more visibility of those changes.

The official opinion of the GNU project seems to be that they are in very strong favor of Savannah, but don't prohibit hosting on GitHub or similar. services: https://www.gnu.org/prep/maintain/maintain.html#Hosting
In fact, I found several GNU projects hosted on github: GNU Aspell, GNU Radio, GNUstep.

GTK, Gnome or KDE decided to have their own dedicated GitLab instances and mirror their repositories to GitHub.

Another topic: GitHub gives us build servers for continuous integration free of charge.
I created a "GitHub action" that for every pull request checks whether gnubg still compiles.
The build (expandable when clicking on ">"): https://github.com/carsten-wenderdel/gnubg-cvs2svn/pull/1/checks
There's a lot of things I would love to do with the code base:
- Move to git
- Get rid of Hungarian naming variables and have better abstract types. Like there should be a type for board position, move, dice roll, etc.
- Separate the engine from the GUI (This s a huge task that require a lot of redesign)
- Get the GUI part compatible to GTK4 (This is easier if the above point is done)
- (lot's of other stuff)
I second that!

Best, Carsten

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