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GNUbg version 1.07.001 available

From: Philippe Michel
Subject: GNUbg version 1.07.001 available
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2022 22:25:06 +0100

A new version of gnubg is available at https://www.gnu.org/software/gnubg/

Besides bug fixes, there are four significant changes since the 1.06

- the "score map" feature contributed by Aaron Tikuisis and Isaac 
  Keslassy is included. This simultaneously shows chequer play or cube 
  analysis at multiple scores.

- the user interface translatable text is much more comprehensive that 
  it used to be (although almost all translations are far from 
  complete). UTF-8 encoding is used for all of them. A Finnish 
  translation has been added.

- the Python interface uses python3 in the above Windows build. It is
  still possible build gnubg with python2 but it is likely that the
  various Linux distribution providing gnubg will use python3 as well.

- the 3D graphics have been largely rewritted by Jon Kinsey. Although
  there are few visible changes at this time, this should provide the
  foundation for improvements and allow to use 3D with more recent
  versions of GTK.

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