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Re: A very old bug reported on RGB

From: MK
Subject: Re: A very old bug reported on RGB
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2022 16:22:19 -0600
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I'm sending you files that should help you even better.

Since I has just tried Jon's build batch file, from:


I ran it again to get a clean gnubgautorc file. I only
changed the player name "forphil" and player settings,
(also a few other settings like disabling sound, etc.)

I saved the sgf for the session of 10 games, the stats
and the gnubgautorc1 (while gnubg was still open) and
gnubgautorc2 (after gnubg was closed). They are all
attached. Unfortunately the bug is there.


PS: a quick question about running sessions: is there
an existing way or a future planned way to specify the
number of games for the new session? Would be nice to
say "new session 1000". Interrupting with ctrl-c in cli
mode often loses the session.

On 9/27/2022 2:48 PM, Philippe Michel wrote:
On Wed, Sep 21, 2022 at 06:14:30PM -0600, MK wrote:

Since then, I tried a dozen combinations on two computers.

Noise being 1.0 or 0.9 etc. doesn't make a difference.

Noise being deterministic or not doesn't make a difference.

It happens with even plies 0, 2, 4 but not odd plies 1, 3.

I still cannot reproduce the issue you describe (a bit confusingly: in
rec.games.backgammon you initially wrote "I set one player to
Grandmaster checker and cube, etc...", 3-ply then, and the opposite just

What you could do is to send me a copy of your gnubgautorc file (as it
is when you run these tests) and your gnubgrc file if you use one. I
could look for difference with mine that may explain the different

FWIW, when you write (in r.g.b.): "I also just noticed all luck numbers
are zeros", that probably means that you don't analyse luck (middle of
the first frame in the Settings/Analysis window).

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