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Re: Preview of next gnubg release

From: Øystein Schønning-Johansen
Subject: Re: Preview of next gnubg release
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2022 22:35:19 +0200


I found another glitch! When setting up a position in edit mode, and then releasing the edit button, I am not able to roll the dice on my turn. This is indeed different behaviour compared to linux build and the "official" Windows-build.


ons. 24. aug. 2022 kl. 10:18 skrev Øystein Schønning-Johansen <oysteijo@gmail.com>:

Sorry for the late reply. Now that I actually have a Windows computer and some other postings on the list got me interested again; I finally downloaded this "dev" release. 20220703

It looks fine to me. I love the new !Score map! feature!
After playing a few games, I've not seen any glitches so far.

When it comes to the python interface, I personally never use TkInter. (Just the tty). I also think that the python interface is really for "hackers" only, and it might be just as good to leave this out the build.

Does it still use GTK2? Yiikes!

Also, I see that this build is with SSE/SSE2 support. Can you make your "dev"-build with AVX support?


ons. 11. mai 2022 kl. 11:57 skrev Jon Kinsey <jonkinsey@gmail.com>:
Which version of GTK is this using, 2 I’m guessing. I stopped with the 3d changes as gtk3 hasn’t got great 3d widget support. Gtk4 does though so would be up for helping with a gtk4 upgrade and finishing the modern 3d changes.


> On 10 May 2022, at 22:23, Philippe Michel <philippe.michel7@free.fr> wrote:
> I have uploaded a gnubg Windows build that should be close to its next
> release at http://philippe.michel7.free.fr/gnubg/
> The corresponding sources (with a few minor changes not yet commited
> to the cvs repository) and the translations' .po files are available
> there as well.
> Besides bug fixes, there are four significant changes since the 1.06
> version
> - the 3D graphics have been largely rewritted by Jon Kinsey. Although
>  there are few visible changes at this time, this should provide the
>  foundation for improvements and allow to use 3D with more recent
>  versions of GTK.
> - the "score map" feature contributed by Aaron Tikuisis and Isaac
>  Keslassy is included.
> - the Python interface uses python3 in the above Windows build. It is
>  still possible build gnubg with python2 but it is likely that the
>  various Linux distribution providing gnubg will use python3 as well.
> - the user interface translation is much more comprehensive that it
>  used to be. UTF-8 encoding is used for all of them.
> Besides general bug reports, I would be especially interested by
> feedback on the following points:
> - things that I cannot check myself: does it work on Windows 11? Is
>  the GUI in general, not specifically in 3D, fine on high resolution
>  (more than 1920x1080), high DPI screens?
> - the defaults for the scoremap feature. For instance it starts every
>  evaluation at 0 ply and one can reevalute at a higher level ; I like
>  retaining the previous level but that means that following initial
>  evaluations are slower. Default match length for a checker move
>  evaluation is 3 ; I like 5 but it is slower, especially combined
>  with the above.
> - if you use the Python interface, how do you do it ? From the tty
>  only ? There is a regression in the GUI version: the tkinter
>  interface from the previous version does not seem to work with
>  Python3 ; I got a lot of deprecation warnings on Linux and couldn't
>  make it work at all under Windows.
>  I'm not familiar with Python, but it seems the more popular modern
>  fancy interface to Python are the Jupyter notebooks. What would be
>  needed to make that available in Linux? (where we use the system
>  Python) On Windows? (where we provide it)
> Updates to the .po translation files would be useful (there is now a
> 100% complete Finnish file, the other languages lag far behind).
> There is no real prospect of a MacOS build. A useful start would be to
> find someone familiar with building software from MacPorts or Homebrew
> who would be willing to maintain a gnubg port there.

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