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SQL question

From: Philippe Michel
Subject: SQL question
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2021 22:51:37 +0100

A few weeks ago, someone reported two bugs (#59208 and #59209) in the 
way match results are stored in the database.

I have committed a fix when for new entries, but existing ones have to 
be updated directly in the database. The commands below should work for 
sqlite3 but I think it should be possible to do this purely in SQL, 
without intermediate files (and in a way working as is for mysql or 

Are there readers more familiar with SQL who could suggest better commands ?

.output fixgame.sql
.separator ""
select "update game set result = ", -actual_result/abs(actual_result), "*result 
where game_id=", game_id, ";" from gamestat where gamestat_id = 2*game_id;
.read fixgame.sql

.output fixsession.sql
.separator ""
select "update session set result = ", actual_result/abs(actual_result), " 
where session_id=", session_id, " and result = 0;" from matchstat where 
matchstat_id = 2*session_id;
.read fixsession.sql

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