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Previous games wiped when changing player name

From: Ian Shaw
Subject: Previous games wiped when changing player name
Date: Sat, 7 Mar 2020 15:08:52 +0000

Gnubg wipes out previous games when changing the player name.


During the second game of a match, I realised that the player names were as set during a previous session. I edited the name of player 0 to ‘gnubg’, and the records of the proves game was wiped out. The current game became game 1, although the score remained the same.


This must surely be undesirable, especially with no warning given. Shouldn’t we keep the games played and just change the name?


I suggest that the player 0 automatically be set to a standard name when starting a match/session against gnubg. E.g ‘Gnubg 0-ply’.


Version GNU Backgammon 1.06.002-mingw 32-Bit 20180802



Ian Shaw

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