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Re: [Bug-gnubg] Building on Ubuntu 14.04 : Temporary Workaround

From: Thomas A. Moulton
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Building on Ubuntu 14.04 : Temporary Workaround
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2015 22:05:50 -0400
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I did some checking and it appears that the problem was introduced in Rev 1.49 of configure.ac

In that revision AC_PROG_CC_STDC was added on line 77

I commented out that line in the HEAD revision (line 81) and ./gnubg --tty did come up as expected.

The commit message is:

revision 1.49
date: 2015-07-04 16:51:33 -0400; author: plm; state: Exp; lines: +2 -2; commitid: UehJtF6XUb2hH0sy;
Compile as C99

I am not sure if there is much else I can do and be accurate...


On 07/23/2015 11:53 PM, Thomas A. Moulton wrote:

Thanks for all the suggestions.

I was in an airport and did not think beyond the initial problem...

I should have tried the latest release tag... (which works fine btw)

I updated back to the release and the following files changed...

address@hidden:~/Souce/gnubg$ cvs -q update -r release-1_05_000
P ChangeLog
P configure.ac
P drawboard.c
P drawboard.h
P eval.c
P export.c
P external.c
P format.c
P format.h
P gnubg.c
P gtkboard.c
P gtkoptions.c
P html.c
P import.c
P play.c
P set.c
P sgf.c
P m4/ChangeLog
U m4/Makefile.am
cvs update: `m4/ax_append_flag.m4' is no longer in the repository
P m4/ax_check_compile_flag.m4
P m4/ax_ext.m4
U pixmaps/16x16/actions/ok_16.png
U pixmaps/24x24/actions/cancel_24.png
U pixmaps/24x24/actions/ok_24.png


On 07/23/2015 12:19 PM, Michael Petch wrote:

On 2015-07-23 10:56 AM, Michael Petch wrote:
I managed to fund my Ubuntu 14.04 virtual machines, updated the system
to use the latest libraries did a build and discovered it is doing the
same thing as Thomas. It refuses to start properly and doesn't even get
to the copyright. Doesn't even seem to be parsing the command line properly.

I'll investigate this weekend if I have a chance.

It appears the problem is related to a change since 1.05.000 was
released. It appears the code at the head of CVS is causing some issue.
The temproary work around would be to take out release 1_05_000 soruce
code from CVS with a command like:

cvs -d:pserver:address@hidden:/sources/gnubg co -r
release-1_05_000 gnubg

The '-r release-1_05_000' after 'co' specifies that we want to take the
code out that is associated with the tag release-1_05_000 (The code for
the last official release).

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