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Re: [Bug-gnubg] Invert direction - bug / feature request

From: Ian Shaw
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Invert direction - bug / feature request
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2014 17:56:58 +0000

Hi Wayne,


You appear to have something odd happening. Your image looks like the bars containing the point numbers have been swapped around using Cut and Paste.


When I do the steps you ask, I have the top player (White) on roll with 31 to play. This is indicated by the white arrow next to the numerical marker for Point 1; it’s at the top, not the bottom as shown in your picture. This behaviour looks completely correct to me.


Please note that the position you have is rather unusual, with both players having a huge number of men back (and pip counts over 200).


This looks to me like somebody has set up the position incorrectly, with the pieces for the players swapped over, and presented it to you. (I suspect the top and bottom rows of point numbers have been swapped manually in the image from rec.games.backgammon. When gnubg produces such an image, the bottom player is X and the top player is O).


If so, this would be the equivalent position with the pieces set up correctly Position ID: mDfwAUS4uwMBDA

Match ID: cIkFAAAACAAA The pip counts are 123 to 158, which looks a lot more normal to me.


I hope this helps.



Ian Shaw


From: bug-gnubg-bounces+address@hidden [mailto:bug-gnubg-bounces+address@hidden On Behalf Of Wayne Joseph
Sent: 17 December 2014 18:37
To: address@hidden
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Invert direction - bug / feature request


>> Does using the "Game" menu and "Swap Players" option do what you are
looking for?


I did retry this today but it still didn't give the desired result for me.

I am using gnubg v1.03.000-mingw 20140804

If you have a spare 10 minutes please could you try this test?

On your version of gnubg..

1. Paste in  GNU Backgammon  Position ID: DCBwdwcE8IE9Qw


2. > menu game->swap players

After doing the above, please can you confirm that you get this board  BCconfiguration?


Thanks again

On 17 Dec 2014 17:00, <address@hidden> wrote:


I was given this problem on rgb backgammon with the position ID - DCBwdwcE8IE9Qw


 GNU Backgammon  Position ID: DCBwdwcE8IE9Qw
                 Match ID   : cAngAAAAAAAA

20-21-22-23-24-+     X: YOUR OPPONENT
 | O              X |   | X     X  O       |     0 points
 |                X |   | X     X  O       |    
 |                  |   | X                |    
 |                  |   | X                |    
 |                  |   |                  |    
v|                  |BAR|                  |     7 point match (Cube: 1)
 | X                |   |                  |    
 | X                |   |                  |    
 | X              O |   | O  O  O          |    
 | X              O |   | O  O  O          |     On roll
 | X              O | X | O  O  O  X       |     0 points
 +12-11-10--9--8--7-------6--5--4--3--2--1-+     O: YOU
                    Pip counts : O 252, X 242

You rolled 31 what would you play and what is it from the above?
You rolled 62 what would you play and what is it from the above?
You rolled 66 what would you play and what is it from the above?


When I pasted DCBwdwcE8IE9Qw into gnubg I found that the direction was wrong. Is there a way to quickly and easily invert the direction and pip numbers so that I would be bearing off to the bottom right, instead of the top right?

I have attached two screenshots to illustrate:

2014-12-15 13_52_04-GNU Backgammon - Invert direction - original.png


2014-12-15 13_52_04-GNU Backgammon - Invert direction - reversed.png

The reversed image state is what I would like to achieve. Also I guess the dice should be on the right hand side of the board if it is my turn to move (now anticlockwise and down instead of clockwise and up)

Perhaps this could be added as a toggle button, or a menu item in Options?

Please let me know what you think and if you received this email successfully?

Thanks for your time.

Wayne (sebalotek)


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