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[Bug-gnubg] MAT file bug

From: Julian Manning
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] MAT file bug
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2014 14:22:18 +0100


First, thanks very much for all your hard work.  I very much appreciate it.

I'm on gnubg 1.03 and have just tried to analyse a match I played on FIBS and autosaved with JavaFIBS as a MAT file.  File attached.

When I open this file I get a two game match with me losing both games.  In fact, it is a three game match in which I lost the first, won the second and then lost the decider.  Gnubg is taking my opponents resign at the end of the 2nd game as me resigning.

I found that by editing the MAT file to add "Resigns" in the first (opponents) column, gnubg then read it correctly.

I have an older version of gnubg (quite a lot older I'm afraid) on another computer which opens the match file correctly.

As I am writing, from V1 the analysis progress bar colours were changed to be black text on a dark blue bar.  This makes the text pretty much unreadable.  I can't remember what the colours were before but any chance we could go back?  Or to something readable?

Best regards and thanks for a great program.

Julian Manning

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