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[Bug-gnubg] GNUBG Release 1.03.000 next Sunday Aug 3rd.

From: Michael Petch
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] GNUBG Release 1.03.000 next Sunday Aug 3rd.
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2014 20:21:21 -0600
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Howdy All,

I will be building the next release of GNUbg (1.03.000) next Sunday
evening. So any changes that one may have should be put in as soon as
possible so testing can occur.

I will be completing a request made by Philippe regarding some stats
about different settings Sunday/Monday.

There are a large number of smaller bug fixes over the past year, some
of them rather problematic. Python crashing during an analysis that is
started from different threads; Mutex and resource contention issues and
canceling an analysis crashing; Board editing problems.

The latest development (unofficial) build for MS Windows can be found here:


The complete list of changes from the Changelog are beow.

2014-07-26  Michael Petch  <address@hidden>

    * analysis.c mtsupport.c play.c: Fix problem with aMoves
    data structures being double freed. This bug would cause
    prgram to crash on termination or crash after stopping an

2014-07-26  Michael Petch  <address@hidden>

        * gnubgmodule.c: cfevaluate and evaluate now make asynchronous
        calls to retrieve cube and move results. This allows Python to
        to call these functions from any of its own threads. Fix bug
        with the eval context in PythonEvaluate.

2014-07-25  Michael Petch  <address@hidden>

        * Makefile.am, glib-ext.c, glib-ext.h, gnubg.c, makebearoff.c,
          makehyper.c: Modify code to properly compile on systems
        with GLIB < 2.14. Make sure glib threading is initialized
        in enviornments where it is needed. This includes makebearoff
        and makehyper.
        * mtsupport.c, multithread.c, multithread.h: Fix problem with
        mutexes being incorrectly initialized/freed/locked/unlocked
        on environemnts with GLIB >= 2.32. This bug was identified
        with recent GLIB builds with extra runtime checks. See
        crash reported by Chris Fahlman using unstable Ubuntu. See

2014-06-26  Philippe Michel  <address@hidden>

        * import.c, show.c, gnubg.c, backgammon.h, set.c, commands.inc:
        Minor changes to the "set aliases" feature from 2014-02-03 after
        users feedback : separator is now ';'
        * doc/gnubgdb.xml: Document the above.

2014-06-23  Michael Petch  <address@hidden>

        * external_y.y, external_l.l, external.c, external.h : Added debug
        command to the external interface limited debugging output support

2014-06-21  Michael Petch  <address@hidden>

        * gtklocdefs.c, gtklocdefs.h, glib-ext.h: add g_list_free_full
        function for environments using glib < 2.28.

2014-06-21  Michael Petch  <address@hidden>

        * drawboard.c, drawboard.h, external.c, external.h, external_l.l,
          external_y.y, non-src/external_l.c, non-src/external_y.c,
        Replace the external interface with a reentrant version that is
        more extensible for storing more complex datatypes in the future.
        Yacc will no longer compile, as it uses Bison extensions. The
        external interface is compatible with the previous version although
        the error messages have changed. Added new command "quit" that allows
        a remote session to close the connection. A new "Version" command will
        return the version of the external interface. The "Noise" option was
        broken. Noise can work with an integer (divide by 10000 to get a
        noise value). Noise also supports a float type where the value
        represents the actual noise value. The evaluation and session options
        can now appear in any order. Player names can now be quoted strings.
        When a remote session is connected a single control-c rather than 2
        will return to the gnubg command line. A bug that made a blank line
        execute the previous command has been fixed. Now an error message is

2014-06-21  Michael Petch  <address@hidden>

        * +glib-ext.c, +glib-ext.h, Makefile.am Makefile.w32: Add GLIB
        utility functions and macros to provide extra list functionality and
        string to GValue maps.

2014-05-26  Philippe Michel  <address@hidden>

        * import.c: Fix interpretation of eXtreme Gammon's "; Set Pos=..."
        extension to mat format. Non-centered cubes were set to the wrong side.

2014-03-31  Michael Petch  <address@hidden>

        * gtkprefs.c: Fix problem with some build environments that
        incorrectly encoded and decoded some board appearance colours.
        This fix was provided by Jon Kinsey via Tom Martin to fix problems
        changing between 2D board designs on the MinGW(Win32) builds.

2014-03-09  Philippe Michel  <address@hidden>

        * gtkgame.c: Use terser format (one line only) when copying GNUbg
        ID. Fixes bug #27716.

2014-02-26  Michael Petch  <address@hidden>

        * gnubgmodule.c, backgammon.h: More Python module cleanup.  Add
        basic support for move filters. Initial support for eval/hint
        filters. Modify findbestmove to use a user supplied move filter.
        Add new function calcgammonprice.  TODO: Create a method to
        retrieve a filter by name.  Create a method to get/set analysis

2014-02-25  Michael Petch  <address@hidden>

        * gnubgmodule.c, backgammon.h, gnubg.c: Convert error related
        printf's to Python Errors. If a user interrupt occurs during a
        Python operation then reset the interrupt handling. Modify
        gnubg.findbestmove function to utilize asynchronous processing to
        help avoid thread issues when called from Python.

2014-02-12  Philippe Michel  <address@hidden>

        * html.c: Clean up headers in positions copied as GammOnLine HTML.
        Issue mentionned by Stick in the bgonline forum.

2014-02-11  Michael Petch  <address@hidden>

        * gnubgmodule.c: Modify findbestmove to use the user selected
        analysis level when no evaluation context is passed as a parameter.
        * import.c: Fix missing GStatBuf type on Win32 platforms
        * configure.ac: Moving towards release 1.03.000. Fix problem
        detecting GLU on WIN32 platform
        * gtklocdefs.h: Fix problem with GtkComboBoxText type on GTK < 2.24

2014-02-03  Philippe Michel  <address@hidden>

        * gnubg.c, backgammon.h, commands.inc, import.c, set.c, show.c:
        Add "set aliases <nickname1>:<nickname2>:<etc...>" command to list
        player names that should always be set as player 1 (bottom player)
        when importing a MAT file. This setting is only available in the
        CLI for now. Add related "show aliases" command.

2014-01-13 Jon Kinsey <address@hidden>

        * gtkprefs.c: Fix some board design bugs: switching 2d wood paint
        setting, invalid xml characters in design name/description, reduce
        wrong pop-up about losing design (Thanks to Tom Martin for

2014-01-12  Philippe Michel  <address@hidden>

        * import.c: Interpret eXtreme Gammon's "; Set Pos=..." extension
        to mat format.
        For now, games or matches containing this kind of record cannot be
        re-exported to mat or Snowie txt format.

2013-11-30  Philippe Michel  <address@hidden>

        * gtkgame.c: Display match statistics when a match analysis is
        completed (GUI only, and does not apply to those run from a
        command file or a batch analysis).

2013-11-26  Michael Petch  <address@hidden>

        * gnubgmodule.c: Fix a serious bug created by a previous commit
        that prevented many of the python interface function from working
        correctly. Add new classifypos python function to the gnubg python

2013-11-12  Philippe Michel  <address@hidden>

        * README, backgammon.h, commands.inc, file.c, file.h, import.c,
        doc/gnubgdb.xml: Remove support of Berliner's BKG format.

        * gnubg.c: Include pip counts in positions copied to clipboard
        as ASCII.

2013-10-25  Philippe Michel  <address@hidden>

        * eval.c: Show the weights file and bearoff databases installation
        directory in Help|About GNU Backgammon|Evaluation Engine or "show
        engine" output.

2013-10-20  Philippe Michel  <address@hidden>

        * file.c: Fix automatic import of mat files starting with many
        comment lines (Backgammon NJ can create such files).

2013-09-22  Philippe Michel  <address@hidden>

        * gnubg.c, gtkgame.c (comment only): Fix assertion failure when
        asking for a hint on a resignation while reviewing a game.
        Reported via Debian bugs tracker and Russ Allbery.

2013-08-20  Michael Petch  <address@hidden>

        * boards.xml, gnubg.gtkrc, gnubg.sql, met/met.dtd, met/met.xsl,
      scripts/batch.py, scripts/batch_win.py, scripts/database.py,
      scripts/db_import.py, scripts/gnubg.py, scripts/matchseries.py:
        Update license information.

2013-08-20  Michael Petch  <address@hidden>

        * +doc/bearoffdump.6, +doc/makebearoff.6, +doc/makehyper.6,
          +doc/makeweights.6, doc/Makefile.am, Makefile.am:
        Add man pages for the GNUBG utilities, based upon the man pages
        created by Russ Allbery for Debian/GNU Linux. Fix docdir usage,
        and compress the man pages.

2013-08-20  Michael Petch  <address@hidden>

        * configure.ac: Apply patch provided by Christopher Hofmann.
        Autoconf now checks for the GLU library when building with
        3D boards.
        * mkinstalldirs: Update to a newer version from automake-1.14

Michael Petch
CApp::Sysware Consulting Ltd.
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