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Re: [Bug-gnubg] Keeping multiple positions in one file (repeated viewing

From: Tom Martin
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Keeping multiple positions in one file (repeated viewing
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2013 16:16:20 +0000

Yesterday I wrote: 

"Ian replied about the desirability of easily accessing analysis of specific 
positions.  A while back I offered $1000 to help offset the pain of 
implementing this sort of thing (see "bug #36871").  I hadn't considered the 
possibility of storing multiple positions in a single file but if that proves 
to be too difficult, you may want to take a second look at my suggestions.  And 
my offer of $1000 plus doc & QA services still stands.

"Currently we need to save individual files and open each one individually, 
which gets to be a pain in the neck especially since the open function is a 
little defective in that it shows the "post move" position.  I think fixing 
that and the simple "next file" function I suggested would work exactly as Ian 
would like, with a directory serving in place of a single file (although 
admittedly adding a file to a directory is not quite as easy as appending to a 

"For those who don't want to bother with grouping positions thematically but 
still would like to review them more than once, I suggested a modification of 
the "Next" function where, instead of showing the next error in the file, the 
next position with a comment entry is shown.  This allows people to easily mark 
whatever positions they'd like to later review.

"My full suggestion is longer, but these are the two concepts at the heart of 
it.  I really want to see GNUbg considered a superior learning tool to XG.  
Speed is nice, but reviewability seems more important to the average bot user 
(at least it WOULD be if they were serious about the game)."


My request 35653 has lots of details and justifications, but it differs from 
the above with only two small things - optional automated full screen displays 
and rotation (depending on whose turn it was).  Admittedly it's a 
bell-and-whistle, but I thought they'd both be easy to implement via logic very 
similar to that needed for the "show next comment" logic.

If that's more work than I think (or just too klugy to be acceptable), we can 
easily simplify things by excluding one or both options.  After all, using 
screen rotation when reviewing a match or session isn't very practical since it 
rotates the entire file, so it would only be useful when retrieving individual 
positions and people can always manually rotate them when saving the file. 

But if we ditch the full screen automation we should at least make it easy for 
people to manually use it by having <ctrl> Page Down retrieve the next position 
since the Next icon isn't visible in full screen mode.  Using Page Up to do the 
opposite would be nice, but not essential.

By the way, using the full screen isn't just a nicety - it keeps you from 
accidentally seeing the analysis. 

Finally, even the "show next comment" option can be postponed.  If someone is 
serious enough about the game to want to repeatedly review positions, having to 
save them individually is not such a big price to pay.

That leaves only two code changes:  display saved positions correctly and 
automatically retrieve the next file when <ctrl> Page Down is used (or the 
"down arrow", if that makes more sense).

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