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[Bug-gnubg] strange rolling

From: Thys du Preez
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] strange rolling
Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2013 10:21:09 +0200

Dear Guys & Dolls,


I am a Gnu fan but have one serious complaint: why cheat?


5 point match attached. Level: expert. Gnu rolling dice.

I see myself as intermediate/advanced player. Therefore to improve my game I play at expert level.


The first 3 games we both doubled early and was rejected.


Game 4: I won in convincing manner. I got 7 doubles and gnu 6. Gnu hit 15 times, I 14.


Check specifically game 5:

I am 4/1 ahead, Crawford.

Gnu rolls 10 doubles to my 4 - what?


Game 6:

Gnu doubles immediately, but it is expected under the circumstances and I accept.

Gnu simply gets the nice rolls. I made no bad moves.


Game 7:

Again the doubles betray you: 6 for gnu and 2 for me.

Not counting the nicest rolls. Gnu wins with gammon. I did not learn anything except maybe that cheating is the way to go.


But apart from that - when I do my own rolling of dice - an excellent program.

Especially the analysis afterwards to see where one made mistakes and stupid moves. A great learning tool.


And thank you for making this available to poor people who simply cannot pay $.


Kind regards,

Thys du Preez.

Stilfontein (pop. 14700)

South Africa.

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