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Re: [Bug-gnubg] Help, PLEASE!

From: motiv4u
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Help, PLEASE!
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2013 11:32:54 +0100

Hello JB,

I am not your age, but I definitely don't belong to the young generation.

So I think I understand your frustration. Or at least can see the point you make.

A proposition :

Set gnubg as follows
(I presume you do have a fairly new computer, not aged over 3 years)

Settings / Players : opens a panel with at the left player0 and at the right player1
   Set player0 to supremo (or at least world class)
   Set player0 to GNU Backgammon (it should already be that way)

   Set player1 to human

Settings / Analysis : opens a panel with Analysis | Analysis Level | Eval Hint|Tutor Level
   Analysis: everything should be checked there. If not, just do so
   Analysis Level : Supremo (or at least world class)
   Eval Hint|Tutor Level : Check Same as analysis (should also be checked)

Start a new game or match.
In the opened panel check : Tutor mode
Do it *before* starting your match. *Before* clicking $ or 1,3,5, ..., 17.

Now you will play against gnubg the same way you did until now.
Every move you make will be evaluated by gnubg and if you make a mistake (who doesn't ?), gnubg will pop up a panel telling you it does not agree with your action.

It tells you : "You may be about to make a .... play. Are you sure?"

At the right of that panel is a button [Hint]
When you click it you can see how your move is classified in the list of possible moves.

OK, this will not change the moves or cube actions gnubg makes.
It only will point out the mistakes we humans have to live with.

When I tell you that the dice are random, when I tell you that gnubg does not change its way of rolling/playing along the game, that it just plays the best move at the time being, ... you will reply with this mail telling me you disagree.

Just give it a try. Follow the 1 - 2 -3 and see if you can enjoy playing gnubg.

And that's what it's all about, not ?


On Tue, Mar 5, 2013 at 10:33 PM, John Boland <address@hidden> wrote:
(Previously sent message)

Please help me setting up GNUB and Human players, both at same level - Beginner, Causal, Intermediate.
John Boland <address@hidden>
2/14/2013 3:26 PM

I make the changes in "Settings"/ "Players", set each at the same skill level, but get the following  message"

--You must set a count of extra moves and a search tolerance (see `help set player 0 movefilter').Settings saved to C:\Users\JB\.gnubg\gnubgautorc. Settings saved to C:\Users\JB\.gnubg\gnubgautorc.

I truly love the game, but haven't a clue how to set the above paragraph parameters.


John Boland
Kennewick, WA USA


I just noticed the area to set "Cube Decisions".  I can change settings for GNUB, but once again, I (JB) cannot make any changes as the window is greyed out.  No matter what I do, when GNUB starts filling its Home Panel, and I have a checker on the bar, trying to get in, even with 3 (or even 4) points open GNUB starts throwing many many doubles, eventually filling the panel, blocking ANY of me ability to get my checker in.  There seems to be a significant aggressive acceleration as the game winds down, that doesn't seem to apply to me, JB. 

Worse yet, as GNUB starts bearing off and clearing the higher points, my rolls far to seldom can get in, and they keep getting smaller, and smaller and confined to only the GNUB blocked points. 

Far too often in the final GNUB bearing off phase, GNUB can throw a double and one of it's checkers, buried in my home panel. will bounce clear across the board and hit the ONLY one of my checkers exposed in GNUB's home panel.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding how to use the settings to create a game that is evenly balanced between me and GNUB. Is there a way to set up a game that is evenly aggressive, (or passive) to GNUB and ME - a game that will stay that way until I want it, and ME! to get more aggressive?

PLEASE HELP, I love the game of backgammon.


John Boland  (77 years old, having played many a backgammon game over a lot of those years.)
3526 S Huntington Loop
Kennewick, WA 99337

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