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[Bug-gnubg] bug: python gnubg.cubeinfo TypeError

From: bagrat lazaryan
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] bug: python gnubg.cubeinfo TypeError
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2012 20:36:25 +0100


the following code, when fed to gnubg-cli (gnubg-cliTEST20121025.exe) raises
TypeError: an integer is required.
        cubeVal = 1,
        cubeOwner = -1
        PlayerOnMove = 1
        matchLength = 0
        score = (0, 0)
        isCrawford = 0
        bgv = 0
        cubeInfo = gnubg.cubeinfo(cubeVal, cubeOwner, PlayerOnMove,
matchLength, score, isCrawford, bgv)

the same code run in interactive session within gnubg-cli works fine.

also, it appears that cubeinfo takes 2 more optional arguments (jacoby and
beavers, i suppose) which are not documented (at least help(gnubg.cubeinfo)
is silent about them). i mean, one can figure them out by trial and error,
but i think it would be nice if they were documented.


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