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[Bug-gnubg] Display GnuBG version number is rollout report

From: M. J. Mannon
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Display GnuBG version number is rollout report
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2011 12:52:07 -0700 (PDT)

In recent posts at bgonline, I said:

This is a special request for Stick and the other rollers who share their 
results on BGO. 
Please leave the program version number in the rollout data you post. It is an 
important part of documentation of the rollout for anyone who might try to 
duplicate the result. More importantly, it is critical to know the software 
version number of a rollout in case the program that produced it is later found 
to have bugs, and the rollout must be discarded. 

In XG, the version number is automatically appended to a rollout. You have to 
do extra work to delete it. According to Tim's message, however, the version 
number is the one used to export the rollout, rather than the one that did the 
rolling. Usually, the two versions will be the same, but perhaps XG should 
record the version number of the program that does the rollout in the file 
along with other rollout data. 

By comparison, GnuBG does not display the version number in its rollout. You 
must do extra work if you want to include it. This is a problem. A simple tweak 
to the report routines would at least get GnuBG to the place where XG is today: 
it could display the version number of the program that produces the rollout 
report, even if it were different from the one that did the rolling. 

For both programs, it is a much more difficult step to redefine the file format 
so that version numbers are recorded with rollouts. 



Is this a good idea?

- Mike Mannon

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