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Re: [Bug-gnubg] View statistics

From: Michael Petch
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] View statistics
Date: Thu, 08 Sep 2011 09:55:47 -0600
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On 08/09/2011 9:24 AM, Timothy Y. Chow wrote:
> What exactly is going on here?  How can -2 of 
> 18407 trials be truncated?
> I seem to remember now that the Windows version of gnubg will sometimes 
> roll out more trials of one option than the other.  Is that bug still in 
> the code?  Is the above bug related?

As for the first issue I believe that is a display bug related to the
stop button being pressed (and some internal values not being updated
before the view statistics panel is displayed). I think this was
introduced when the display widget was upgraded earlier in the year.

As for the second, I don' t actually know.Someone else on the list may
have a better idea.I do recall some changes being made to the rollout
code over the years.

Regarding the view statistics.No, there isn't and I have it on my list
to add a context menu (right  mouse click) to copy the data to the
clipboard. I'll add it to bug tracker.

Michael Petch 
CApp::Sysware Consulting Ltd. 
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