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[Bug-gnubg] New Windows and Mac OS/X Builds [20110410 Snapshot]

From: Michael Petch
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] New Windows and Mac OS/X Builds [20110410 Snapshot]
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2011 05:00:01 -0600
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I have built new releases of Windows and OS/X packages based upon the 20110410 snapshot.

The Windows build can be found here:
The OS/X builds can be found here: 

This release fixes issues with command file names and import/export file names that didn't work if they contained spaces on Windows builds. Modifications have been made to the GUI on the Settings/Export, Settings/Rollout and Temperature match dialogs to better fit lower resolution displays. Other miscellaneous bug fixes were also made.

The ChangeLog entries are as follows:

2011-04-09  Philippe Michel  <address@hidden>

	* gtkexport.c, gtkgame.c, gtktempmap.c: Alter some pop-up panel
	that were too tall too be usable on smaller screens (the OK button
	was below the bottom of the display). Affected are
	Settings|Export, Settings|Rollouts and Analyze|Temperature Map.

2011-04-08  Michael Petch  <address@hidden>

	* gtkprefs.c: Fixed bug that disallowed import/export board
	designs from using file names with paths that had spaces on
	Windows (WIN32) platform.

2011-04-08  Michael Petch  <address@hidden>

	* gtkgame.c, play.c: Fixed bug that didn't update the cube
	properly when navigating from a non crawford game to crawford
	game. Reported by Ongun Alsac.

2011-04-06  Michael Petch  <address@hidden>

	* configure.in, board3d/font3d.c, board3d/inc3d.h: Added
	better 3dboard autoconf support for Apple build environments.
	Use Apple OpenGL, and add appropriate check for GTK
	X windows headers. GTK does not necessarily rely on X as a

2011-04-06  Michael Petch  <address@hidden>

	* gnubg.c: Fix WIN32 specific bug that caused command 
	filenames with spaces to not be processed. Reported by Nardy.
Michael Petch
CApp::Sysware Consulting Ltd.
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