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[Bug-gnubg] An important link and a question about using EPC values in d

From: Adi Kadmon
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] An important link and a question about using EPC values in deciding cube actions
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2011 15:42:01 +0200

Hello all,
(1) As a sequel to a correspondence some months ago, here is a link for downloading Joachim Matussek's important article about an approximation-formula for EPC values and their use in cube decisions in bearoff positions. This time it's the original article, and in English - not just some section about it in a later article by someone else and moreover in the Danish language.
(2) I'd like to ask if there is at present a general formula for deciding cube decisions in bearoff positions after the correct EPC values are already given. I mean, does GNU make some particular computation on the EPC values it extracts using its data-bases? For instance, let's say  Black has a raw pip count of 57 and EPC=65.41, and White has a raw pip count of 60 pips and EPC=70.55, and it's White's roll. Does GNU use a certain "formula" with these figures in order to reach its evaluation of the correct cube decision? If so, does GNU use the same formula in any position whatsoever, or is a different variant of a formula needed for each different type of positions?
    Anyway, even if GNU does not use such formula(s), what are the current most modern approximation formulas (given already the exact EPC values) for humans to use?
-- Adi

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