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[Bug-gnubg] Unexpected Message Window

From: Louis Zulli
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Unexpected Message Window
Date: Sat, 7 Aug 2010 19:22:58 -0400

The following occurs on my OS X build from the 0806 snapshot.

1) Move aside .gnubg directory to restore default settings.

2) Start a new money game session.

3) Play a few moves and resign to end Game 1.

4) An new game should start automatically, and assume you get the first roll. 
(If not, ignore the rest of this.)

5) Before doing anything else, return to Game 1 in the Game Record panel.

6) Immediately return to Game 2 in the Game Record panel.

7) In the game record, click on your first roll. The roll becomes highlighted 
in black, and your dice appear on the board.

8) Before doing anything else, click any of your checkers that has a legal move.

A Message window appears saying something like: There must be a game in 
progress to set a player on roll. Return hits: 5 (no hit: 31 rolls)

9) Click on OK to dismiss the window and play continues normally.

I see no value in having the Message window appear at all. Can anyone confirm 
what I've described?


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