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[Bug-gnubg] Python (win) stuff

From: Massimiliano Maini
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Python (win) stuff
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2009 12:38:13 +0200

Hi Christian,

I've been reading around a bit on how to provide the entire Python
library when you embed
python into an appication.

Today, I manually put (some) .py files into PythonLib dir in gnubg's
installation dir.
I verified that if instead of doing this, all the files are zipped
into a python25.zip, it works
(python25.zip is automagically added to the python path).

I did 3 tests:

1. No python installed on the PC (actually I just renamed the
directory, maybe that's not
enough), needed .py files into gnubg's PythonLib dir: this works fine,
it's what I do today
for the distribs.

2. No gnubg's PythonLib directory, needed .pyc files into
python25.zip: this works fine, but
I get an error/warnig at startup of CLI: 'import site' failed; use -v
for traceback'. Everyhting
else works.

3. Python installed on the PC, no python25.zip, no gnubg's PythonLib
dir: this works fine,
but with the same problem as 2 (the import site warning).

I've found this about embedding:


It states that we should use:

Py_NoSiteFlag = 1;  // Disable importing site.py
Py_Initialize();    // Create a python interpreter

This would probably solve the above issue.

I was also thinking about the entire PythonLib thing: this directory
seems to be Win
specific (gnubgmodule.c, 2322). If I put the python lib into the zip,
the directory is no
longer needed. Maybe we can just remove this part.


The entire python lib is roughly 6Mb. I think I can just put it in the
Win distrib, no big
deal if we move from 20Mb to 26mb. OK ?
I would say it's better to provide .pyc files, so that we don't run in
any "write permission'
issue under Vista (even if it would likely work anyway).

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