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Re: [Bug-gnubg] Batch anlyse - can it also analyse a group of single ga

From: Christian Anthon
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Batch anlyse - can it also analyse a group of single games as a combined session?
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2009 22:08:21 +0200

On Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 9:45 PM, Adi Kadmon<address@hidden> wrote:
> Thanks Christian,
> I do mean a batch of separate games (all of them single-money-games, all of
> them with the same opponent) in separate files. I thought GNU should have
> the option not just to analyse all these selected games (files) one by one,
> but also as an aggregate whole, like a "money-game session". (If they are
> all single-money-games, why should their exact sequence make any
> difference?)

I assume that you want to combine the statistics of the games. That
could probably be done in the relational database, but you have to now
a bit of sql to do it.

>     Anyway, if a combined analysis is not possible with the separate games
> on separate files, what is the easiest way to combine the games into a
> single readable file or something of that sort, in order to allow GNU to do
> the desired task?

Depends of the input file format. Most of formats are text based and
can be merged by hand. Try creating a two game session and save the
entire session as well as the individual games and compare the files
to get an idea on how to merge them.

It is a little too special a need for me to want to add to gnubg at present.


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