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Re: [Bug-gnubg] integration with gnubg

From: Alexander Smirnov
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] integration with gnubg
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2009 14:14:39 +0400
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Sorry for top posting, but i think it's the case when it is acceptable. I've just found that I missed to add list's email to reply, and replied personally to Øystein. fixing that... Have a nice day!

Alexander Smirnov wrote:
thanks for replying, Øystein

Alexander Smirnov wrote:

I wonder if it is possible to reuse gnubg engine in my application. I'm
developing open source backgammon game for K Desktop Environment and
looking for strong computer opponent. Looks like gnubg is the greatest
opponent we have now! :-)

Cool! How far have you come in the progress? Is this a Qt interface or
an full integration with KDE?

Do you have a source repository we can take a glance at?
It uses KDE classes. I was thinking about pure Qt version, just in order to get versions for Windows and Mac, but decided to postpone that... KDE4 misses backgammon game. Kbackgammon, which was KDE3 game, is not maintained. So the decision is to fill this blank and develop game for KDE.

I'm going submit my code to kde/playground repository at the earliest and will post a link here for you to get an idea.

I do understand that I can easy get sources and start learning them.
That's possible in open source world and that's really great! But before
doing so I'd like to ask help from you, gnubg developers. Could you
please give me a pointers, where to look first, is there some API i can
rely on, what's the best way to deal with the engine.

I rather think we should consider defining an common API and or protocol
for backgammon evaluations.

Can you think of something? The absolutely basic functions such API
needs would be:

Then you probably need more for handling cube and stuff. You also need
some data structure to store the stuff like 'move', 'board', 'evaluation
settings' etc.

Think about it for a while. A unified API or protocol whould be really
nice for the community. Just like winboard and UCI standards in chess.
Aha... great idea. Then we will be able to separate that API to a library and let everybody who needs gnubg engine link it.

Unfortunately, I'm not able to say right now what functions I need, because this is my first backgammon-related project, and i do not know many details. I will try to write down list of functions which in my opinion should be in and send it here for discussion. is it ok? :)

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