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RE: [Bug-gnubg] Combining RO results?

From: Ian Shaw
Subject: RE: [Bug-gnubg] Combining RO results?
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 2009 09:09:30 +0100

        From:  bob koca
        Sent: 08 June 2009 19:49

          Suppose A and B play a match. Later A rolls out some of his
plays and B separately rolls out some of his plays.
        Is there an easy way to combine their results into one file? 
        Bob Koca 

Hi Bob,
Short answer: no. 

Long answer: maybe.
The sgf file is a text format, so it ought to be possible to work
through them and combine the two.
I'm just examining the file format. (Using a text editor such as notepad
with line-wrap turned off, you can see that each move starts with a ;
Moves start with B or W for alternate players, and the board is labelled
a to x. a is W's ace point; x is B's ace point. The move is given as a
dice roll followed by the start and end destination of a chequer.

This is the equivalent of:
Black          White
42: 8/4 6/4    52: 24/22 13/8

Evaluations or rollout details of each move follow. 

If you have the inclination, you should be able to search through two
files, cutting and pasting the moves from one to another.  Searching on
"Mersenne" would find each play that has been rolled out. I've not tried
this myself, so all I can do is wish you luck.

To the developers: How hard would it be to be able to copy and paste
move records? Potentially tricky, I feel, because there is no guarantee
that people would paste into a logical game order. In fact, it's highly
likely that they would want to collect sets of positions together for
reference (e.g. blitz positions). This means you would have to convert
move records to constructed position records on the fly.

-- Ian

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