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[Bug-gnubg] A couple of bugs

From: Joaquín Koifman
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] A couple of bugs
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2009 19:16:00 -0300

1. I don't understand this: ERROR:eval.c:6615:getCubeDecisionOrdering: assertion failed: (FALSE)

Put this position, then redouble (gnubg will take).
Rollout the "redouble to 4", not the "take" of gnubg!
Stop the rollout after a few seconds, close the dialog. The program crashes.


2. I think this happens only with the tutor activated. I couldn't reproduce without it.

Start GNUBg and a new session with tutor activated.
In your turn play what you want.
After the computer have moved, rollout a few second any of your options, or more than one.
After that "analyse the session"
The rollout is erased.

This doesn't happen if you first analyse, then rollout and finally analyse again.

3. Not a bug but a suggestion: Is it possible to multithread the analysis of just one move? I don't mean only one option because I suppose it's more complicated, but if you select four options, for example, to evaluate those in separated threads.


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