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[Bug-gnubg] Bug? - Can't start new game when options set to not start ne

From: Doug Taylor
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Bug? - Can't start new game when options set to not start new games immediately and not roll dice automatically
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2009 14:13:06 -0800

Please forgive me if this is not a bug, but due to "operator error" -- I've
really tried to find a way around this, but am completely stymied.

I play using the GUI version of the latest Windows build (20090105). If I
set the options to *not* start new games immediately and *not* roll the dice
automatically, then I can't seem to get a new game started. I click on New
in the tool bar and the "New" dialog box is displayed. I have it configured
to start a new 5 point match by default. I click OK. The following message
is displayed at the bottom of the screen: "A new 5 point match has been
started." So far, everything is proceeding as expected. However, this is
where I run into the problem. If I click on the area on the board that
causes the dice to be rolled - nothing happens. No matter where I click on
the board nothing happens. If I use the keyboard command to roll the dice
(ctrl+r), the following message is displayed: "No game in progress (type
'new game' to start one)." If I type "new game," as soon as I reach the "w"
in "new," the "New" dialog box pops up again. I then click OK to start a new
5 point match, but once again I can't roll the dice. I'm stuck in a loop and
can't seem to get going with a game. On the other hand, if I change the
options so that "start new games automatically" and "roll the dice
automatically" are both selected, then everything proceeds automatically as
expected. However, I would like to start games manually and roll the dice by
clicking. I've read the documentation carefully. Am I missing something
obvious? That would be embarrassing! I hope someone can help. Thanks and
best regards to the gnubg developers!

I really enjoy playing gnu backgammon and appreciate all the work that's
gone into it. Fantastic program!

-- Doug

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