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[Bug-gnubg] python rollout and match id

From: Thomas Koch
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] python rollout and match id
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2009 19:07:00 +0100

1. Question:

How can I save rollout results with python? I tried

gnubg.command("rollout =1 =2 =3")
gnubg.command("export position html...")

But then the top moves of the hint are rolled out and the export sticks to the simple analysis. Also if I type "rollout =1 =2 =3" as a command in the GUI version it has no influence on the match record. I am on a 10.4 Mac so I cannot switch to the most recent version of gnubg.

2. Question:

Using python I am able to retrieve the position id with the command "gnubg.positionid()", but I also need the match id. Is there an easy! way to do that?

Thanks in advance,
Thomas Koch

Backgammon in Berlin: http://berlinbg.wordpress.com
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