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Re: [Bug-gnubg] Bug(?!): Rollouts involving noise

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Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Bug(?!): Rollouts involving noise
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008 13:46:05 +0200
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Zitat von Massimiliano Maini <address@hidden>:

Hi Achim,

I guess you lostpasr of Bob's message ... what are  1D, 2C, 2D ?
Can you repost Bob's original message ?..

Yes, you're right. Somehow I mixed up his html e-mail. The whole message is below now.



   Here is a summary of some of the weird behavior I?ve noticed when
 doing rollouts involving noise. I suspect it may just be an issue of
 something being done in a wrong order. I used a 1 point match, zero
 skill position so the weakening of either player and the clicking of
 cubeful on or off should not matter but it does. It is the latest
 build which I just downloaded today.

 In particular:

   Comparing 1A to 1C shows that if cubeful is on then weakening one
 player can influence the result.

   Comparing 2C to 2D shows that if cubeful is off then determinsitc or
 nondeterministic noise makes a difference. However this is not the
 case if cubeful is on as can be seen from comparing 1C to 1D.

   On a related issue it would be nice for the rollout results to give
 more data. For example

   Whether the databases were being used, what type of noise was used,
 what MEQ was used. Basically every setting that is alterable seems
 like it should be included in the summary.

 Thanks for any help, Bob Koca

 Player 1 = bobk Orange checkers on bottom
 Player 0 = gnubg White checkers on top

 Rollout of 15 on ace vs. 15 on ace 1 point match with various settings:

 All use no variance reduction,  1296 trials, quasi random dice,  no
 bearoff database, player 0 on roll,  and seed = 1,000,000

1)  Using CUBEFUL ON

A)  expert  with cubeful eval checked vs  expert with cubeful eval checked
   win% of  .658951   and s.d of .013173

B)      expert with cubeful eval off vs expert with cubeful eval off
   same as A

C)      advanced (.015 det noise and cubeful eval)  vs expert
   win % of .592607 and s.d of .011854

D)      Same as C except nondeterministic noise
   Same result.

E)       intermediate (.040 det noise and cubeful eval)  vs. expert
   Same result.

So just presence of some noise causes problem but amount of it doesn?t matter.

But if both have it:

F)       Intermediate vs intermediate
   Win % of  .683433  and s.d. .008376

G)      advanced vs advanced
 Same as F

2)      Using CUBEFUL OFF
 Same A ? D  as above

A) Same results as 1A
B) Same results as 1B
C) Same results as 1C
D) Now .659162 with s.d. of .013812  (basically correct)

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