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[Bug-gnubg] Dual Core / Threading issue

From: Daniel Frimerman
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Dual Core / Threading issue
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2008 20:55:30 +0000

During the testing of DualCore CPU I beefed up gnubg's strength (GUI version) and played a game.  The Task Manager showed that CPU was utilized for 50% and below (around 48%).  Thread count was set to 2, then 4, without change.  I've popped open OllyDbg and looked at the threads, and it seems after changing thread counts in GNU, it created the threads and they immediately terminated with "ERROR_NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY".  I have 1GB RAM, and 700 of it is free. StackSize for CreateThread was set to 0,  so I thought maybe GNU's main process has a massive stack (but not massive enough), so I paused on the call and modified StackSize to 1MB, then 512KB without change to the behaviour.

What might be the problem?  I'd have hoped that the setting for the threads would nearly halve the time required for the moves...... is the threading feature only designed for evaluations, not the play itself?
I actually suspect there's a bug, perhaps related to the configuration of my system.

Kind regards,


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