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[Bug-gnubg] Re: GNU Backgammon bugs

From: Øystein Johansen
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Re: GNU Backgammon bugs
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2006 19:41:42 +0100
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MST wrote:
> Dear webmaster!
> I don´t know, if you can help me, but you are the only one I found to be
> available for a possible help by means of e-mailing.

There's a mailing list for this. address@hidden

> I want the programer(s) of "GNU Backgammon" to know the following things:
> This game is still very buggy!
> 1st problem:
> There´s no 3D board available (at least on WinXP Home running on a
> Pentium D and a Nvidea GeForce 6700XL).
> Question:
> So, how do I get this 3D mode working, please?

Settings->Appearence (and then the general flag)

> 2nd problem:
> The dices ARE cheating (even they are said to not doing so)!!!
> They are cheating, because each(!) time one of your checkers is alone on
> a field, the computer reacts by dicing numbers which kick this checker
> out of the board.

I can assure you, it does not cheat. Try using manual dice
(Settings->Options (Dice tab). If you still claim it's ceating please
report it using the official complaint form:

> Suggestion:
> The only way that the dices get real random numbers would be if there
> were two very fast counters (from 1 to 6).
> If these two counters work at a speed of several 100 kHz, you can never
> click twice exactly at the same speed, so you always get different numbers.
> To improve this, you could make two slightly different speeds for each
> of these two counters in order not to get the same numbers on the two
> dices.

If you think this helps.... ?

> 3rd problem:
> To start a game is buggy, too.
> Actually, most time, a game can´t be started, so you have to start a
> whole match.
> It´s very difficult to determine why a game has just started:
> By clicking on the board or by clicking on the right green arrow.
> Suggestion:
> This should be much easier!

Have you read:

Recommnded reading.

> 4th problem:
> There´s no about option with information concerning the game´s version.
> Suggestion:
> Please include this as soon as possible!

There is a build date, isn't it?

> 5th problem:
> There´s no e-mail-support or support forum available.
> Sorry, this system of mailing-lists is nuts.
> Tons of mails, but nobody is answering to a specified problem.
> So, I want somebody to talk to, when a problem needs to be solved.
> Suggestion:
> Please, open at least a support forum!

Have you tried the mailing list? Have you tried GammOnLine or
rec.games.backgammon? (probably not, it sounds to me like you're quite
green, both to backgammon and reporting bugs)

> Best regards,
> Markus Streifler
> Germany


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