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[Bug-gnubg] New OS/X Tiger (10.4.X) Simplified Download

From: Michael Petch
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] New OS/X Tiger (10.4.X) Simplified Download
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2006 03:09:40 -0600
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Howdy Oystein and All,

As a followup to the earlier Gnubg builds for the Mac OS/X 10.4.x platform,
I have created a new load as mentioned below. I'm also curious if I might be
able to gain access to the website to Alter the OS/X section (Or someone
suggest the procedure needed to have someone make updates). Last, it would
be nice if we could get this added to the News section since it has been a
highly requested Download.


I am beginning to simplify the Mac OS/X install process. I have combined the
multiple downloads into one package (DMG).  The single download should be
all that is required.

The prerequisite before using the new Gnubg for Tiger is that you have to
install X11 server (It is NOT installed by default unless you select it
during installation). You can always install it from the Install CD's after
the fact through custom installation. Please see:


With the X11 server installed, simply download the latest version from this
directory (I will try to update these every month or so).


The latest copy can be found as Gnubg.dmg . Download the file, open the dmg,
drag the Gnubg application wherever you wish (Applications folder is always
a good choice), and it may also be added to the Dock. Just double click the
icon to run. 

As of April 24th this is new. If you have problems or concerns please
contact me at address@hidden As well if you are graphically
inclined and can come up with a set of Icons that would look better than the
ones I am using - feel free to send send me better ones (They must not be
someone elses copyrighted material and will be distributed under the GPL)


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