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Re: RE: [Bug-gnubg] Latest Windows Build (Mingw) - 3d Color picker bug?

From: Massimiliano . Maini
Subject: Re: RE: [Bug-gnubg] Latest Windows Build (Mingw) - 3d Color picker bug?
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 10:46:54 +0200

>>From: Michael Petch <address@hidden>
>>I decided to install the windows build available on the site (with python
>>and DB support built in). The first thing I noticed is that the Colour
>>picker in 3d mode displays all BLACK in the preview pane (The 2d colour
>>picker works).
>I noticed (and fixed this) the other day!  Along with saving boards as png


Not sure it's fixed : in my latest build (20060418 code), the colour picker
is (and stays) black.

Also, when picking a colour in the "3d colour selection" window, the
coulour", "Diffuse colour" and "Specular coulour" buttons are not updated
in the
right way.

Example : I use the Irish Gold design (chequer 0 white, 1 green).

1 - in the "chequers" panel, the 2 colour picker are black (as pointed out
by Mike)
2 - I click on the one for chequer 0 (white) and I get the "3d colour
window with the 3 buttons for "Ambient coulour", "Diffuse colour" and
colour" correctly white (or light gray).
3 - I click on "Ambient colour" and I get the "Choose a colour" window
(btw, it
stays on top of all the other windows, even from other applications ...).
4 - I pick a bright red and click on OK, now (back to the "3d colour
window) the "Ambient colour" button has a strange pattern of redand dark
a,d the preview area is still black (or dark).
5 - But if I press the OK button the changes are applied to the chequers on
board (in the "chequers" panel, the 2 colour picker are still black) and if
press again the button to change chequer 0 aspect, the "Ambient colour"
is now red (as expected).

Finally, the texture selection list is also grayed out even if it's active
(I can change the texture).


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