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[Bug-gnubg] Win distribs : db support almost ready !

From: Massimiliano . Maini
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Win distribs : db support almost ready !
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2006 14:09:09 +0200

Hi all, a few updates on Win distrib status:

- in the one currently available on www.gnubg.org there's a problem with
the locale settings: some users have to specify the dot (.) as decimal
separator (when their locale specifies something else, like a comma),
otherwise MET tables are not parsed correctly (and other stuff too, like
test weights).
I think I've fixed this uncommenting the line "#define ENABLE_NLS 1"
in config.h and rebuilding. It gives a lot of compile time warnings like
the following (no idea what the problem is) :

  In file included from gnubgmodule.c:41:
  backgammon.h:609: warning: `libintl_printf' is an unrecognized format
function type

but it seems to work. On my PC (french locale) I forced the comma as
decimal separator and gnubg loaded everything smoothly anyway: prior
to this it used to have troubles if the comma was specified, hence I
think the fix is ok. If anybody has a comment about the warning ...

- I forgot to add doc/gnubg.xml (thanks Jon) in the distrib. I'll add it
in the next one : what exactly should I pick from the doc dir ?
gnubg.xml + *.png ? Is that all ?

- I've managed to put all the needed stuff to provide python and db support
"out of the box" (i.e. no need to install python or pysqlite on your pc,
everything is in the gnubg distrib). The only problem I have up to now is
on a PC the file MSVCR71.dll was missing. It seems it is needed by
but I'm unable to see it using Dependency Walker. Anyway, I did a quick
and found out that it seems that Python24.dll needs MSVCR71.dll, which is
if a full Pyhton install is there or if MS-JVM engine is installed. Notice
it's unclear if the file can be distributed freely, but since it comes with
(which is free) ... For a detailed discussion :


I think I can just add it to the distrib (in gnubg dir).

- I've put all the python stuff in a PythonLib directory that must be
created under
gnubg root dir : this directory is added to the python search path by
(PythonInitialise function) ... somebody must have been playing with this
before me :)). Added stuff includes basic python modules (like os) and

I think I'm gonna have a distrib ready this week, including :

- fix for locale problem

- python an db support (I think I can make these no longer optional, since
works without requiring any "external" installation: it takes 2 or 3 extra
but who cares ?). Concerning db support, db with game table works too !

- see/nosse support (if C.Anthon confirms that SSE exes work on his "old"
PCs, I'm gonna remove non-sse exes, this saves 2-3 Mb in the setup.exe to

- minor changes : .gnubgautorc not created by distrib, gnubg manual, ...

Get ready to download :))


Random questions :
- should the python scripts in the 'gnubg/scripts' dir be in 'PyhtonLib'
dir ?
They would be automagically on the python path ... actually, this is true
for Win builds because the code that dfoes that is surrounded by a #if
WIN32 ...
maybe this "PythonLib" thing should be made for all the systems ...

- in batch_win.py, I had to add gnubg to the imported modules (line 25) in
to make it work. Normal ?

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